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Membership General information

As a member of CREDAI THRISSUR you are expected to follow certain norms.
 D O’ S

1.   To conform to all modern engineering, construction, marketing and Management practices.

2.   Be transparent about the   policies and disclosures.

3.   Ensure that the logo of CREDAI THRISSUR is displayed on all advertisements in the Print, Electronic       Media and Hoardings put up by the member for promotional activities as indicated in the logo details       furnished by CREDAI  Kochi.

4.  Provide proper information for the common benefit of the Association.

5.  Work for mutual benefit and strive to enhance the name and prestige of the Association.

6.  Inform the Association the details of new project launches for updating the        records.
          (a) Name of the project  
          (b) Location
          (c) Saleable area
          (d) Brief description along with brochures.

7.   Members should strictly adhere to all the relevant rules namely Kerala Municipality Act, KMBR, KPBR        Public Health Act,  Air (prevention and control)Act, Water (Prevention and Control of  Pollution)  Act,       Noise  Pollution Control  Act, Kerala  Panchayath  Act,  Regulations relating to Hazardous Waste       Management,  Fire Safety Regulations and other such enactments.

8.   Members are requested to contribute @ Rs. 0.50 per sq.ft of the saleable area of the project towards       Building fund for all ongoing projects at the time of admission and for new projects to be launched in       the future.
9.   To clear all dues and subscriptions to the Association as per schedule.

10. All members shall strictly abide by the rules and regulation of the Society and the Code of Conduct as       adopted by the General Body of the Society.  Any violation of the rules and regulation and Code of       Conduct will lead to termination of membership.


1.   Refrain from unhealthy competition and promotion to sell projects. This has to be strictly followed       during the Property Expo conducted by CREDAI.

2.   Exhibitions conducted by CREDAI promote only building projects and do not allow marketing /       advertising of housing plots or land.

3.   Avoid misleading advertisements especially that mark the reputation of CREDAI.

4.   Do not indulge in slanderous and willfully wrong pronouncements about    fellow members of the       Association.

      If any member is found to violate the norms, suitable action can be taken against the Member by the       Ex. Committee of the association leading to the termination of membership.



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